Greatly enhances details on close ups for GoPro Hero 11/10/9 Black !!!

I didn’t expect much out of this at first. I bought it as a starting point and would move on to something better in the future. But I am surprised with this and will definitely stick with it.

The build quality is great. I would say it has a very similar build as the standard GoPro lens. The feel of it is good and doesn’t feel flimsy. It also fits on my hero 9 just like the standard lens. It feels very snug on the camera and is as easy to put on/take off as the regular lens and allows me to get closer to subjects than the normal lens and get clearer pictures/video.

Remember this is a macro lens, not a zoom lens. Think of it as a magnifying glass. Experienced photographers will probably know this but I’m just giving a little heads up to those who may not know the difference.

Worked great on my GoPro Hero 9 Black. With the right settings you can get real professional quality cinematic style close up details with this macro filter. Every tiny detail whether you are filming fruit, plant life, water, or even skin shows up super clear. I filmed my own face and saw details on my skin I didn't even know I had or could see with my own eyes lol. Highly recommend if you plan on filming things up close and want to blur out the background and enhance what you're focusing on especially in 4-5K. The people who said it didn't fit, no clue what they are even talking about. Fit fine for me right off the bat. Keep in mind I used a Hero 9 Black. Not sure if it's even meant for any other models or if that's why it didn't fit for the other guy. Well worth the price if you are really into filming for GoPro!



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