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Wry sturdy magic arm

I have used many magic arms in the past and getting a chance to review this was a real treat. Most of my magic arms can hold a monitor but are usually not very sturdy feeling this one is different. From the first moment I positioned it to hold a monitor I was like this feels different from my older ones. Very strong and firm joints. It’s rock solid for go pros also. I have not had the need to use the fence aspect but if it’s anything like the build quality of the arm it’s probably amazing . I have worked with chain link fence and it’s flexible but for a static mount it should be ok unless there...

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Versatile phone fence mount for outdoors

This Phone Fence Mount is really versatile either you want to film a match or some event where you have fence or something like it instead having it on your hand all the time.But also can be useful if you are vlogging or something like this it can be really useful in situations where you can't set a tripod or something like this.I also found it versatile enough to be used mounted on the saddle of my bike giving a different point of view for my gopro camera, but for this isn't something I would do much often because of it's bulkiness, still is an option it gives me!

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Holds securely even a small mirrorless camera. But didn't work on larger-mesh chain-link fences.

The articulating arm (a.k.a., "magic arm") holds its shape/angle very securely. I had no trouble using it with my light-weight mirrorless camera, as shown in the uploaded image.  One benefit of using an articulating arm like this (as opposed to similar products that use bungee cords, etc) is that the arm makes it easy to position a camera away from the fence as shown in my photo, which gives you more freedom when aiming the camera.However, I found a few shortcomings:1) The device does not work on larger-sized wire meshes that I tried.It worked fine on the ~62mm wide chain link fence in the uploaded photo. (The seller's description says 65mm is the maximum jaw width. So I was already...

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Greatly enhances details on close ups for GoPro Hero 11/10/9 Black !!!

I didn’t expect much out of this at first. I bought it as a starting point and would move on to something better in the future. But I am surprised with this and will definitely stick with it.The build quality is great. I would say it has a very similar build as the standard GoPro lens. The feel of it is good and doesn’t feel flimsy. It also fits on my hero 9 just like the standard lens. It feels very snug on the camera and is as easy to put on/take off as the regular lens and allows me to get closer to subjects than the normal lens and get clearer pictures/video.Remember this is a macro lens, not a...

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This IS what you’re looking for your gopro and motorcycle helmet

I am initially impressed as to how easy it is to install to my helmet. It has a gap on the chin vent allowing me to still close and open the vent during a ride. The 3M double sided tape looks super adherent after I heated it up with a hair dryer before sticking. I am giving this a 5 star until I see any deviation from my intended use! Exactly what I needed. Arrived earlier than expected. Fits my bell qualifier better than the strap and gopro links alternative. Buy this! You will not be disappointed. No more side shots, wonky camera or floppy links.

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