Exact performance and quality

The thing I love about these ND filters is the quality of the glass and the housing. I have noticed very little if any color shift and zero vignetting. The latter has more to do with the design of the GoPro lens, than it does with the design of the ND filter. The filters came quickly and were packed well with no damage.I use the ND32 filter the most on very sunny days in Southern California and utilizing the 180 degree shutter rule, I am able to achieve an acceptable exposure. I still have to reduce the brightness about a 1/3 to 1/2 stop to get perfect exposure in post editing but that’s not a big deal for me as...

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Worked well after initial use

Use these lens for shallow snorkeling in Hawaii. Attached to GoPro Hero 7 black. After the first use fogged up about 20 minutes after being out of the water. Removed the lens and dried everything out. Use twice more without fogging. Reviewing the video between the magenta lens and the clear lens is subtle buts makes enough of a difference to make the lens worth the purchase. Look forward to using them again. Like not having to but the camera in a plastic box to go underwater.  

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Red/Magenta/Yellow/HD MRC-UV/HD MRC-CPL Lens Filter for GoPro Hero 7 / Hero (2018) / Hero 6 / Hero 5

I've used these filters with both my GoPro Hero7 and Hero6 and they work great, fit tight, and provide a clear image. The polarizer is fantastic. I'm not sure why the refer to it as CPL, as the design is clearly not an adjustable circular polarizer, but for reducing glare without producing too dark an image, it works fantastic. The magenta worked great on my Hero7 when snorkeling with free dives. I used the red for some sunset pictures and it gave beautiful effect. I haven't used the yellow for any filming, but tried it out and it fits and works as expected. The build of these lenses are high quality and I'll be getting the ND filters from this...

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